April 24, 2014

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You Can Afford to Cruise – Here’s How


More than 20 million people cruised the world in 2012, contributing $37.85 billion to the U.S. economy alone, according to the Florida-Caribbean Cruise Association. The price tag for a cruise can range from a few hundred dollars for a two-person cabin to thousands of dollars for a top-of-the-line luxury voyage. If you want to hop […]

Cruise Ship Tipping Explained


I was on a cruise last fall and sitting with a family in the main dining room. They asked me what they should do about tipping because their travel agent told them to save money, go to the guest services desk and have the tips removed. My mouth dropped when they told me that because […]

9 Ways to Act Like a Local in Port


No one wants to look like a tourist. Or act like one (most of the time anyway). We’ve gotten together 9 tips to help you look like the pro traveler you are and blend right in with the locals in port. Be careful though, if you follow our list, fellow travelers may start asking you […]

Why Take a Repositioning Cruise?


Why would I take a repositioning cruise? Because there isn’t big demand for cruising the fjords in January, your ship that spent the summer in Scandinavia might find more profitable waters in the eastern Caribbean during the colder months. Alaskan cruise liners might winter in San Diego, a base from which to explore the Mexican […]

How Do I Know What Cruise Line to Pick?


Listener question: How do I know what cruise line to pick?  The cruise line you choose is another important factor to consider when picking your cruise.   The cruise ship is your hotel, restaurant and entertainment for your whole vacation. It is a package deal that is different from a traditional vacation. You’ll want to spend […]

Travel Insurance — What You Should Know

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What is travel insurance?  Often referred to as trip cancellation insurance, but most policies do more than protect you if your vacation is cancelled.  Policies are sold that will refund your losses if you have to cancel your cruise beyond the time you could get a full refund from the cruise line.  They can also […]

What Cabin Should I Book on My Cruise?


When considering what type of cabin you want, generally, the more desirable cabins (i.e., more expensive) are on the top decks of a ship. They almost always sell out first. The old adage used to be, don’t worry about your cabin; you won’t spend much time there to begin with. Actually, that’s not true. Since […]

9 Cruise Vacation Booking Tips


Here are some cruise vacation booking tips when planning your next getaway. 1. When you book your own airline tickets, if the route you picked to make it to the ship fails, you’re on your own. Don’t risk missing the whole cruise over a few frequent flyer miles. Sure you can probably get on if […]

5 Lessons Learned from Traveling Cheap


I travel a lot with my job and I also own my own business, so that means every single travel expense comes out of my bottom line. I don’t have an American Express expense credit card or turn in an expense report every month for reimbursement – it’s just me. A lot of times travel […]

5 Tips for Avoiding Identity Theft on a Cruise


The Federal Bureau of Investigations began collecting data about crime aboard cruise ships in 2007, and later revealed that 65 percent of reported cruise ship incidents involved theft, fraud and other suspicious activity. While a cruise should be a relaxing getaway from life’s worries, take steps to protect your identity both on board and when you […]