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Cruise Ship Security Check Points

I just got off the Carnival Dream doing a tour for the website. 

Today was the very first embarkation day for the Dream out of Port Canaveral.  Carnival was very prepared too, with a lot of extra staff out of their Miami based headquarters to assist. 

One thing that really got to me when I was waiting to go through security was the fact that the passengers were just not prepared to go through the security detectors.   Granted I know a lot of people don’t travel all that often and security has been really tight after September 2001 but seriously?

Have the following items ready to go:

  • Have your Passport/State Issued ID/ Birth Certificate available
  • Boarding pass issued by the cruise line
  • Make sure your laptop is out of the case
  • Wallets, Watches, Rings, Bracelets,  Phones, Keys, .. etc, ready to be placed in the receptacle
  • If you are asked to remove jewelery, step aside and be courteous to other folks

That is my little rant for the day. If you have any other advice for security embarkation please feel free to let me know!

Carnival Dream on the first embarkation day- Port Canaveral, Fla.

Carnival Dream on the first embarkation day- Port Canaveral, Fla.

  • Anne Campbell

    If you try to sneak a bottle of booze aboard the ship in your carry on bag, prepare to be stopped by security. It will be taken from you and returned the day you disembark.

  • EKP

    A little late leaving today, overall a very nice ship!

  • Scott Lara

    Great review…Folks…please follow Doug’s tips…doing so will make it MUCH easier boarding and leaving the ship!

    Scott Lara

  • gharkness

    The TSA no longer requires all laptops to be removed from the case. If you have a TSA-approved container/sleeve (Google for approved cases), you can leave it in. That was also my experience with my recent Conquest cruise (but not sure whether TSA guidelines are followed by all Carnival staff).

  • Harry Wordsworth

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