Episode 123 – Costa Concordia Tragedy

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Guest line up:

Ian Donoff: A passenger aboard Costa Concordia. He shares the timeline of events and about the evacuation  process.

Stewart Chiron: The Cruise Guy® America’s most quoted cruise expert. Contributor to ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, WGN, Good Morning America, CNBC, Travel Channel and CNN.

Also we’ll play sound bytes from today’s Press Conference with Costa’s CEO, Pier Luigi Foschi.


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  1. says

    I think Steward Chiron’s message is quite clear – lets not forget that the global Cruise industry’s saftey record is so impeccable, it is without comparison as a means of transport/ vacation.
    Thoughts and prayers with all directly affected by this tragedy but now it is up to those directly involved in the industry to ensure that we “Big up Cruise” as much as possible and support one another. All cruise organisations, ports, operators etc will be affected by this tragedy in one way or another and it is time to put differences aside and pull together for the sake of our industry.


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