Cruising Excursions

Episode: Costa Concordia Salvage + Update

This week we talk to America’s #1 most quoted cruise expert, Stewart Chiron (Cruise Guy). Stewart updates us on Costa Concordia information and breaks down the compensation package.

Maritime lawyers Jerry Hamilton and Jim Walker of Cruise Law News weigh in on cruise safety and possible law suits that could stem from the sinking of Costa Concordia.

Bob Umbdenstock from Resolve Marine Group in South Florida talks to us about what’s involved in Salvage Operations and the tactics that could be used in raising Costa Concordia.


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  • Scott Lara

    Jerry Hamilton’s comments were great. I will continue to cruise with family and friends because cruising IS safe! The cruise industry is NOT “disaster-prone” as some have said!

    Scott Lara

  • Sonya Sherow

    The media (and lawyers) reminds me of the V V Brown’s song “Shark in the Water” as long as there is plenty to feed on they are not letting this go. Even if they get the facts wrong.

  • Michael Davis

    I agree with Scott. Jerry Hamilton made a lot of sense. Though I was impressed that Jim Walker seemed to have a reasonable approach as well. Lawyers for both sides will see huge paydays from this tragedy. From this episode, its clear both sides will be well represented.