RCR 007: European Christmas Markets Cruise Tips

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We continue with our European Christmas Market cruise theme. We answer your listener questions this week about European Christmas Market river cruises. Sherry joins us again to answer your European Christmas Market questions and share her tips.
  1. What is a Christmas Market cruise?
  2. What can you expect on this sailing?
  3. How should you dress on a Christmas market sailing?
  4. How accessible are the markets to the docks?
  5. Any must food and drinks to try and experience?
  6. What should we do for currency?
  7. What types of Christmas market excursions would you suggest?
  8. Is there a certain route that offers a better Christmas market experience?
  9. What are the typical things people buy at the Christmas markets?
  10. How does the Christmas part on land transition to the onboard experience?

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photo: AmaWaterways

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