10 Questions with a Carnival Crew Member

My friend Nicole just got off of a seven month contract with Carnival Cruise Lines, she is 23 years old and lives over in Cape Town, South Africa, so we did a email interview to make things easier.

  1. What ship were you on? Carnival Ecstasy out of Texas
  2. What did you do on the ship? Bartending
  3. How many days a week did you have to work on the ship? 7 Days a week, 11hours a day sometimes more
  4. What kind of pay scaled was it? Minimum Basic, 15% comm. on every drink plus Tips
  5. Do you get to see the ports at all off the ship? Yes I got to see the ports of call in my 7 months while off duty, depending on my schedule for that week.
  6. What were your perks for working on Carnival Cruise Lines?For me; Paid in Dollars – Tax Free, get to Travel to different exotic islands and ports of call, while most living expenses are free, Discounted almost everything on-board and on land, crazy parties with friends of different nationalities while sipping on cheap staff discounted drinks in the crew bar.
  7. Was there any downsides of working with the cruise line? Long everyday working hours, the same everyday routine, not much time off.
  8. What kind of food does the crew eat? Buffet style, pizza’s, red meats, chicken,fish, breads, fruits, lots of rice and desserts
  9. Is there ever any drama on board with the crew members? Drama, Drama, Drama sometimes it can be a challenge trying to understand and agree on many things because of nationality, culture and miscommunication.
  10. What are you doing now that your back land side? School

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