10 Ridiculous Questions Cruise Guests Ask

I was at a disembarkation talk on Carnival Sunshine recently and the Cruise Director, Jaime Dee, ended the talk with the top 10 most ridiculous questions asked by cruise guests.

Some of these questions have repeated themselves from sailing to sailing but they are still funny.

10. I am one bottle over my liquor allowance but I drank it, do I still need to declare it?

9. How do I know what picture is mine?

8. Do the waiter and waitresses sleep onboard?

7. Do these stairs go up or down?

6. Will this elevator take me to the front of the ship?

5. What religion are the people with the patches behind their ears?

4. What altitude are we sailing at?

3. Do we have generators on the ship?

2. If I go snorkeling, will I get wet?

1. What do we do with the ice carvings after they melt?

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