9 Things to Bring to Alaska

IMG_3063 You bought your Alaska cruise and you’re all set to head to the last frontier, right? Pretty much. You may want to remember a few things before you make your way north.

Here are 10 things to bring to Alaska:

1. Binoculars. From whales to glaciers, you’ll want to see it all – but you have to have the gear to see them.

2. A real camera. Why iPhones and Androids are great to take photos with, a great point and shoot camera is worth the investment. I picked up a Canon Powershot xs500 for $199 at Best Buy.

3. Weather gear. It does rain quite a bit in Alaska. You can go one of two way, a poncho or full rain gear. You can pick up both at Walmart and they are fairly inexpensive.

4. Sunscreen. It maybe chilly during the day in Alaska but you can still get sunburn. I spent a couple hours in the sun kayaking and my face got beet red. If you think you’ll be covered up, at least have something for your face.

5. Comfortable shoes. There are a lot of trails, walking destinations and rough terrain in Alaska. Consider a pair of comfortable hiking shoes or tennis shoes for your destination.

6. Sunglasses. Did you know your eyes can sunburn? They can. Consider bringing a pair of polarized glasses to reduce glare when you’re out in nature.

7. A flexible schedule. Make sure you have a back up plan when heading to Alaska. It can rain. Seaplane flights can be fogged in, whale watching seas can be too rough – a lot can happen. Consider a back up that is land based so if something does happen you’ll have a flawless transition. Once it was to foggy in Juneau, Alaska to do our helicopter glacier tour so we took a van to Mendenhall Glacier. It beat sitting on the ship all day and the sights were beautiful.

8. Plenty of cash. It’s not cheap in Alaska. A lot of ports are barrier islands or islands and merchandise has to be flown or floated in. A typical excursion in Alaska can start at $100 per person. You may want to consider excursion companies like Shore Excursions Group or Viator for reduced excursion rates of 30% or more. These companies have a promise to get you back to the ship on time.

9. An appetite. One thing Alaska is known for is amazing seafood. Crab legs, halibut and salmon are plentiful in the area. Scout out some local joints before you head up so you’ll know exactly where to eat. One place not to miss is Tracy’s Crab Shack in Juneau; it’s right off the pier .

Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to their vacation. Make sure you’re prepared before you board the plane.

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