11 Fun Facts about Harmony of the Seas

Royal Caribbean’s newest ship, Harmony of the Seas, is the world’s largest and most talked-about cruise ship. More space comes more adventures; here are 11 fun facts about the ship.

1. Harmony weighs more than 17,000 African Elephants.

2. Harmony was constructed out of 500,000 individual pieces, 27 times the parts used to assemble the Eiffel Tower.

3. At 150 feet above sea level, the Ultimate Abyss slide is taller than Mount Rushmore.

4. Harmony has more works of art throughout than the Louvre has paintings.

5. Just one of Harmony of the Seas’ four bow thrusters has more horsepower than 7 Ferraris.

6. Standing upright at 1,188 feet, Harmony of the Seas is twice as long as the Washington Monument.

7. Harmony of the Seas’ Central Park has over 12,000 plants. That is more than the Smithsonian Gardens Orchid Collection.

8. Performers at the AquaTheater use two 10-meter Olympic-height diving boards.

9. With seven distinct neighborhoods, Harmony has more “boroughs” than New York City.

10. Harmony’s 23 pools, collection of waterslides, and duel FlowRiders combined contain more than 94 times the amount of water spewed forth during one of Old Faithful’s eruptions.

11. With over 20 restaurants, Harmony of the Seas has over 300 individual menu options.

Featured photo: Royal Caribbean International

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