11 Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers for Cruisers

Uh oh – There are just days until Christmas and you haven’t finished your holiday shopping. If you’re shopping for a fellow cruise addict, here are some small, inexpensive stocking stuffers.

1. Beach bag

Everyone needs one of these. You could even get it embroidered if you want to make it more personal.

You can find one here.

2. Hat

Hats are a great gift for cruisers because they help protect them from the unforgiving Caribbean sun. Whether they want a large sun hat or a specific sports team cap, it’s easy to find a hat for any style.

3. Sunglasses

It’s all too easy to break or lose sunglasses, so it’s never a bad idea to gift some to another cruiser. That way they have a backup pair if the other pair gets crushed in their suitcase.

4. Luggage tag holder

These are really inexpensive and are all over Amazon. Just be sure you pay attention to which cruise line you’re buying for, since their tags and tag holders come in different shapes and sizes.

You can find a pack of 8 here.

5. Sunscreen and lip balm

These are small and easy stocking stuffers, and you’ve just checked off one more item from the cruiser’s extensive packing list.

6. Onboard credit

If we’re being honest, this is what every cruiser really wants: guilty-free cruise cash to spend at the bar, casino, gift shop, on excursions… wherever they like.

7. Picture frame

Whether they are just coming back from a cruise or are about to go on one, a picture frame is a perfect gift for a cruiser’s photo prints. You’ll save them a trip to the store when they want to display their formal night photos on the wall.

You can find a sleek black and white one here.

8. Coupon for free room service

This is free for you and a cruiser would love to receive it. Give a special someone a “coupon” for free room service, which they can cash in at any time. Maybe they want homemade breakfast in bed or maybe they want you to bring them home to-go food – you can be as creative as you like!

9. Underwater camera

These can usually be found for ~$20 at a local drugstore, and they make excellent gifts for anyone who may be going on a cruise in the near future, especially if you know that they have a beach day or snorkeling excursion planned.

You can find an underwater and shockproof camera here.

10. Snorkel gear

Most beaches charge a few bucks extra to rent already-used snorkel equipment. Instead, get your cruise friend their own equipment so they don’t have to bother with renting it. It won’t take up too much room in a suitcase either.

You can find snorkel gear here.

11. Chocolate melting cake

Okay, so you can’t actually put this in a stocking… But there are several recipes online for Carnival’s chocolate melting cake, so if you know someone who craves this on a regular basis (honestly, who doesn’t?), baking them a chocolate melting cake with a side of ice cream might be just what they wanted.

Featured photo courtesy of Dineshraj Goomany on Flickr.

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