Royal Caribbean — Live cruise commercials ?

Royal Caribbean has a new marketing campaign, calling themselves the “Nation of Why Not.”   Well starting today Royal Caribbean is putting a twist on things and not helping the crazy cruisers like me! Starting today Royal Caribbean will film and debut a series of television spots starring real guests enjoying a variety of “Why Not” experiences […]

Cruise Gratuity – Cash is King

On the elliptical at the gym I just saw a blurb about cruising on CNN and it made my mind wander…. My first few cruises I would always would tip the staff on the ship through my on board sail account until recently……. The folks that work day in and day out bust their butt on […]

No hope for on board gaming in Bermuda

A lot of cruise ships allow you to gamble on board the ship when they are in port.  Not in Bermuda. Interesting article below. (Courtesy AP)  HAMILTON, Bermuda – Bermuda lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have allowed cruise ship passengers to play gaming machines on vessels making port calls at night in the British Atlantic […]

Carnival Cruise Lines extends port lease in Jacksonville

Here is some good hometown news for us here in Jacksonville, and for you southeast cruisers. Carnival Cruise Lines has signed a new two-year lease with the Port of Jacksonville til May 12, 2011.  The extension of the lease was made possible because construction has stalled on a new cargo shipping terminal.   Jacksonville has approx […]