Episode: Shore Excursions 2013, The Love Boat & Cruise News

[smart_track_player url=”https://traffic.libsyn.com/cruiseradioshow/EPI_212_OCT_1_13_Mixdown.mp3″ title=”Shore Excursions” artist=”Cruise Radio” ] Please excuse the abbreviated show notes as I am on a sailing with limited internet connection.  Today we debunk the myth that you should only book with the cruise line. Maritime Historian Peter Knego joins us to talk about the Love Boat and it’s journey to the scrap […]

Eurodam Review: Canada/New England Cruise, Sea Day #HALCruises

Note: Because of internet connection at sea, photos will be uploaded later. You can see some voyage photos on our Facebook Page. There is nothing more relaxing than waking up naturally by the sunrise while at sea. It’s one of the those things that make a great start to the day (even if I rolled back over). I […]

5 Creative Uses for your Drink of the Day Cup

By Sarah Phillips.  Admit it. If you’ve been on a cruise at least once, you’ve probably got a drink of the day cup (or two or three). They’re so much fun and filled with perfectly concocted cocktails and pretty much irresistible. So you enjoy your drink of the day cup and all its offerings during […]