Carnival’s Fun Ship 2.0 Upgrade Schedule

Listed by refurbishment year. If a ship is not listed it means it does not have plans to receive Fun Ship 2.0 enhancements. Carnival also includes WaterWorks, Steakhouse and SportsSquare as part of the enhancements. The current steakhouse fee is $35 per person. (updated April 27, 2015) Fun Ship 2.0 Upgrade Schedule 2011 Carnival Magic (launched): RedFrog Pub, Cucina del […]

5 Favorite Cruise Sail Away Spots

Who doesn’t love a good sail away? It’s pretty cool watching cruise ships leave on the web cams, but even better in person. Living in Florida we sometimes take cruise ship sail-aways for granted. Since we can’t always be on the ship, here’s a list of some of the best places to watch sail-aways in […]

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