Juneau Receives Long-Awaited Whale Sculpture

If things went according to schedule, Juneau, Alaska finally received their long-awaited whale sculpture this morning.  And by long-awaited, I literally mean a long, long time – 10 years to be exact. The life-sized whale sculpture arrived from Bellingham, Washington, and won’t be on display for a few more weeks.  Once finished, the 28 foot […]

Cruise Line Raises Restaurant Prices

Holland America Line has raised the prices in three of their specialty restaurants.  The cost of dining packages has also slightly increased, all of which went into effect August 1. Restaurant Changes: Pinnacle Grill is up from $29 to $35 per person for dinner.  The lunch price stays the same. Canaletto is up from $10 to $15 […]

The Cat in the Hat Hits Campaign Trail with Carnival

carnival cruise line

Election Day is only three months away, and a new, unexpected candidate has decided to join in the running for president: The Cat in the Hat! Coinciding with the release of new Dr. Seuss book “One Vote, Two Votes, I Vote, You Vote,” Carnival Cruise Line will serve as the Cat in the Hat’s official […]

9 Cruisers That Annoy Everyone

When you’re cruising, you are constantly surrounded by people; on the ship, in ports, and in your stateroom. People have different habits and sometimes we forget that we are sharing the ship and the adventure with thousands of other people. Here is a list of nine annoying cruise guests: 1. The Line Skipper Lines are inevitable […]