5 Places You Must Visit Before They Disappear

venice, italy

While many of nature’s wonders and man’s architectural masterpieces have been around for hundreds or even thousands of years, they might not be around much longer. Global warming and pollution are ruining natural wonders, and historians are fighting an often losing battle against architectural decay. If you’re able to travel, visiting these sites is a […]

Hurricane Matthew Damages Half Moon Cay

half moon cay

While the various cruise lines were able to keep their ships safe by altering itineraries in order to avoid the bad weather, the same obviously couldn’t be done by the private islands. As a result, cruisers have been left wondering how their favorite vacation spots faired during the storm. And on Monday morning, Carnival’s senior […]

Woman Cons Cruise Line for $70,000

Meet Kay Hooper, a woman who not only conned Norwegian Cruise Line out of nearly $70,000 worth of cruises… but then convinced a judge to lift her sentence long enough to go on holiday. She Wanted Revenge According to a story in Britain’s Express, the whole mess began when Kay Hooper lost her passport in Rome […]

9 Reasons to Buy Faster to the Fun

There’s something to be said about getting on the ship before anyone else, even if you have to pay. Thanks to Carnival Cruise Line’s Faster to the Fun program, willing guests can pay a fee to board the ship early, enjoy immediate access to their stateroom, and get their fun started faster. However, there’s a […]