Carnival Cruise Line to Decide Fate of Gulf Port

Carnival Fantasy

Next week, a decision will be made that could have a major impact on cruisers who sail out of Mobile, Alabama. That town’s mayor, Sandy Stimpson, is scheduled to meet in Miami with executives at Carnival Cruise Line on Monday, July 31, and the No. 1 item on their agenda is negotiating a contract which […]

Help This Dying Cruiser Get Home

In what might be one of the most tragic stories we’ve ever heard, a cruiser who fell ill during a dream cruise to Alaska now finds herself stranded there, unable to get home and fearful she may wind up having to live out her final days far from her family and loved ones. In a […]

4 Almost Free Beaches in Cozumel


Spending a day in Cozumel usually means fun in the sun, and perhaps the occasional drink. One thing Cozumel has is a bunch of beaches, and they range from free up to $85 per person. The expensive ones are typically an all-inclusive experience while the free ones are normally a no-frills, but still free! 1. […]