MSC Seaside to Host Miami Dolphins Fan Cruise

MSC Seaside

MSC Cruises will be bringing some Miami Dolphins alumni to the sea on their new Dolphins Fan Cruise. The voyage will be on March 17, 2018 aboard the new MSC Seaside. The special cruise is the result of a three-year partnership between MSC and the NFL team. The themed sailing will be hosted annually over the […]

Trip Report: Carnival Magic Fun Day at Sea + Interviews

This morning I woke up at a crazy hour so I could walk around the ship shooting video of the various venues while they were empty, because all the sane people were still sleeping.  I started on deck three and made my way up until I wound up at the Lido Marketplace before calling it […]

Top 5 Oceanic Movies You Must Watch

Sailing is one of the most revolutionary forms of transportation. Sailing has been an integral part of various cultures for many centuries. The human fascination and reverence of the sea have inspired many men and women to set sail with hopes of discovering what lies beneath the blue carpet. For eons, filmmakers have been trying […]