Menu: Rapunzel’s Royal Table on Disney Magic

Disney Magic recently underwent a renovation in dry dock, and emerged with a fun, new rotational-dining restaurant based on the story of Rapunzel as depicted in “Tangled.” If you want to learn more about the ship’s enhancements, click here. The menu features some classic cruise ship favorites, as well as unique dishes that are themed to […]

Cruise Line Cuts Ship In Half [PHOTOS]

Well, here’s something you don’t see every day: A cruise ship being sawed in half like a magician’s assistant. Why? So that a new 49-foot segment can be inserted. What Does It Take To Cut A Ship In Half? This week in Palermo, Italy, the folks at the Fincantieri Shipyard have been executing the kind […]

Cruise Trends: What’s Topping Travel Wish Lists


When it comes to trends in cruising, Alaska is hot… and so is living the suite life. That’s according to newly released data based from the Travel Trends Survey. What else did the survey reveal about the places cruisers want to go — and what they want to do when they get there? Read on […]