Carnival Corporation CEO Takes Flight in Blimp

Carnival Corporation CEO Arnold Donald and Karl Sestak from his office took flight earlier this week in a unique type of aircraft. They boarded the Carnival Airship blimp for a ride sightseeing key local landmarks and beaches at upwards of 1,000 feet, all the while promoting the #ChooseFun message emblazoned on the side. The duo […]

Québec City Welcomes First Disney Ship

quebec city canada

The first Disney ship to sail the St. Lawrence, Disney Magic, arrived in Québec City yesterday. Passengers were welcomed to the port by over 5,000 residents and officials. Captain Mickey waved to the fans as the ship pulled in to the pier. To celebrate the event, the evening sky was filled with fireworks as both cruise ship […]

What To Expect From A Halloween Cruise

Whether you’re booked on a Halloween cruise this year, or considering doing one in the future, there are a few things you ought to know going in… starting with the fact that if you prefer candy corn over candy canes and would rather slip into a costume for a fun night than dressing up for […]