Princess Adds High-Speed WiFi to More Cruise Ships in 2020

medallionnet wifi princess cruises

Princess Cruises announced Monday that they’ll be adding high-speed wifi to six more of their cruise ships in 2020. Known as MedallionNet, and coined “the best wifi at sea,” the high-speed connection promises to give guests the opportunity to have fast, affordable, reliable, and unlimited wifi. MedallionNet currently is available on Caribbean Princess, Regal Princess, […]

Cruise Line Bans Stateroom Door Decorations

If you’re planning a trip on Norwegian Cruise Line, you may want to leave your door decorations at home. The cruise line is quietly rolling out — or at least testing — a policy that would forbid stateroom door decorations What Norwegian Cruise Line Now Says About Door Decorations As of now, the policy appears […]

5 Ways to Keep Entertained on a Cruise

The cruise ship experience has come along dramatically since the first vessels set sail in the turn of the 20th century. The necessary mode of travel across the ocean soon became a leisurely ride of luxury, with the cruising experience continuing to be improved and modified ever since. One of the best facets on many […]

Making The Most of Digital On Cruises

Laptops, tablets, and mobile phones are all important parts of our daily lives. Even when we go on vacation, they are used as a further escape in our downtime or when everyone has settled in for the night. Cruises are no different in this regard, as taking some time to watch a film or play a […]