Designer Shares Pics, Details Of Carnival’s Dream Cruise Ship

If you read the recent story about Carnival Cruise Line’s Pinnacle Project and immediately thought, “I need to know more about this ship,” today’s your day. Legendary Carnival designer Joseph Farcus provides us with pictures and schematics that offer details about the cruise ship that never sailed. What A Top-Deck Monorail Would Have Looked Like […]

Cruise Ships Asked To Leave PortMiami Ahead Of Hurricane Isaias

With Hurricane Isaias expected to impact Florida’s eastern coast within 24 hours, PortMiami is officially under Port Condition Yankee. What this means, in layman’s terms, is that the U.S. Coast Guard has instructed all major vessels to leave port in preparation for the storm’s arrival. As a result, vessels — including cruise ships — will […]

The Incredible Carnival Cruise Ship You’ll Never Sail

Long before Carnival Cruise Line thought about putting a roller coaster on top of a ship, they toyed with the idea of a monorail. Although the Carnival Pinnacle never came to pass, elements of the ship clearly influenced the direction in which the company — and indeed, the industry itself — would soon be heading. […]