CDC Issues Updated Cruise Warning as No-Sail Set To Expire

CDC headquarters

Even as cruising has relaunched overseas and several U.S. lines are hoping to welcome guests by the end of the year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control has issued a new warning which could throw a wrench into the resumption of cruises. What the CDC Warning Says With the current no-sail order set to expire […]

What To Know Before Buying This $25,000 Cruise Ship Condo

Last week, we told you about a cruise ship offering the opportunity to bid on a condo-style stateroom for a starting price of $25,000. Now, with the first batch of staterooms slated to be auctioned off beginning November 5th, the company hoping to turn an anchored ship into a thriving community has begun fleshing out […]

Maritime Law: The One Change That Could Save The Cruise Industry


For over 100 years, U.S. legislation called The Jones Act has dictated that only American-owned, crewed, registered and built ships can transport cargo between U.S. ports. An even older law — the Passenger Vessel Services Act of 1886 — bans foreign-registered ships from transporting passengers between ports in the U.S. How do these rules impact […]