4 Reasons to Brag After Your Cruise

IMG_4297By Sarah Phillips

One of the best parts of taking a cruise is bragging sharing about your trip with family, friends and maybe even a few hundred strangers who follow you on twitter and instagram. While it may be hard to resist the urge to do this during your trip, it’s a good idea to wait until you’re home before you break out the #jealousofmeyet hashtags.

1. Safety of your house. When you’re sharing your deck party pics, you’re not just bragging, you’re letting everyone know you’re not home. And you won’t be home for a while. Burglars and other such criminals are actually looking for this kind of info to help them find the perfect house to break into. So, this one protect you and your house.

2. Work. Don’t have enough vacation days, but plenty of ‘sick’ time and that’s what you’re using to go on your cruise. Don’t blow the lid off your plan by posting pics of you swimming with dolphins or winning the hairy chest contest when you’re supposed to be at home lying on the sofa drinking soup.  Be smart and use the cruise to get all better!

3. It’s Cheaper. Wi-fi and internet access on a cruise, for the most part, is generally expensive. And if you use your cell phone, you’ll find out how much international roaming data charges can be very quickly. You’re already paying for your internet at home, so if you can just wait a few days, you don’t have to use any of your vacation budget on internet charges.

4. Social Media.  I love getting comments, retweets and likes on my cruise posts (OK – any posts). I like engaging with my friends and followers, but if I’m just posting and then shutting my service back down, I don’t get to interact with them and see all the reactions for myself. Plus, see #1 – this if often how criminals find out you’re not home.

What about you? When do you brag about your fabulous cruise? What’s your best cruise brag moment?

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