5 Creative Uses for your Drink of the Day Cup

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By Sarah Phillips.  Admit it. If you’ve been on a cruise at least once, you’ve probably got a drink of the day cup (or two or three). They’re so much fun and filled with perfectly concocted cocktails and pretty much irresistible. So you enjoy your drink of the day cup and all its offerings during your cruise. But now, you’re back at home and have this cup and no idea what to do with it. Here are some creative ways to get more mileage out of your drink of the day.  Cheers!

Piggy Bank. Throw all your loose change in the cup. Every time you fill it up, head to the bank (or one of those cool Coin Star machines) to cash the change in. They put it immediately in your vacation savings account. It adds up fast and you’ll be on your way to sipping another one of these cups on your next cruise.

Pen Cup.  At work, I make my desk my happy place by keeping fun things on it. I have pictures of my nieces, a cute cat calendar, and tasteful vacation souvenirs (like this cup).Reminders of great vacations and the hope of those still to come make me happy. So I use my drink of the day cup as my pen cup. It has function and purpose and adds a punch of color as well.

Junk Drawer. Ok, it’s not really a ‘drawer,’ but it’s a cute place to store things like buttons, safety pins, and those very small odds and ends that get lost in bigger junk drawers. Think about it, how many times do you tear the junk drawer apart looking for a safety pin? With the drink of the day cup as your junk drawer addition, you’ll be able to spot the small things in no time.

Hair Accessory Holder. This one caters a little more to the ladies (but gentlemen, you’re welcome to this use if it applies for you). Most women (me included) have tons of small hair accessories – pony tail holders, barrettes, bobby pins and more. This cup holds a ton of those hair supplies in a cute fashion.

A cup. Well, it is a cup, isn’t it? I know it’s not a traditional kind of a cup when you’re home, but hear me out. I love drinking out of these cups at home – even water or milk – because it reminds me of all the fun I had on my cruise. It’s a souvenir that doubles as a useful household item too.

What have you done with your souvenir cups? Have any other suggestions for our list?

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