5 Creative Ways to Save for a Cruise

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By: Sarah Phillips

So you want to go on a cruise? But now you need to figure out how to pay for it. Here’s a few creative ways to save up money for your next cruise vacation.

1. Pay yourself first

This one seems simple enough, but I know I’m guilty of paying all the bills, spending the extra and then asking myself – where did all the money go? Make savings a priority each pay period or each month. Check with your bank – most savings accounts offer free automatic savings plan. You can also direct a potion of your direct deposit directly to your savings account each pay period. The point is – even if it’s a small amount, it’ll add up fast. Set it up today and prepare to be surprised at how much you can save without a lot of effort.

2. Sell your Stuff

Have a yard sale! This gives you a chance to do some cleaning and organizing too. I took a class from Dave Ramsey once and he has a great line about this: ‘Sell so much stuff the kids think they’re next.’ You probably have enough stuff sitting around to make a few hundred bucks.

3. The 52 Week Saving Plan

This one’s pretty similar to the first one. It involves the principle of paying yourself first.  I discovered this specific plan (https://pinchthisstretchthat.com/get-started-52-week-savings-challenge/) at the beginning of the year. At the end of the year, I’ll have an extra $1378 to spend on my cruise. Here’s how it works: Each week I save the amount of the week. For example, the first week of January, I saved $1; the 2nd week, $2. It keeps going until the last week when I save $52. Because the amounts each week are never large amounts, I don’t really miss the money. I can’t wait to see the balance of this savings account in December.

4. Save your Change

Unless you’re like me and you need quarters for laundry, this one’s a quick and easy way to watch savings add up. Start using cash to pay for small daily items – think coffee – and then don’t spend any of the change. Put it in a piggy bank of some kind; don’t touch it for at least 6 months. Then take it out, and see again, you’ll be surprised by just how much you’ve got saved up.

5. Make some Phone Calls

By spending an afternoon or evening on the phone, you may be able to score enough savings in your monthly bills to fund your next cruise. Call the cable, cell phone or satellite radio company –ask if there’s a better deal. Check with your credit cards to see if they can lower the rates since you’re a good Customer. Get creative here – most of the time you can lower your bills just by asking.

Hopefully these tips get you going in the right direction to save for a cruise. Let us know what ideas you have for saving up those vacation funds!

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