5 Cruise Secrets You Should Know

Here at Cruise Radio, we share a lot of tips and secrets with you on how to have the best cruise vacation ever. And every so often, we like to round up our current 5 favorite secrets to share with you. Because knowledge is power and if you know these 5 cruise secrets, you’re on way to a pretty epic vacation.

1. Magnets

Yes, Magnets. Bring some with you – especially the clip ones and some heavy duty ones. Wondering why? Ship cabins are made of metal. Use the magnets to hang up important things like invitations, excursion tickets and Sail and Sign cards. You can use the heavy duty ones to hang up towels and wet bathing suits. I learned this secret from one of my friends, who’s worked on cruise ships for many years. He has tons of magnets on his cabin walls. And, if you accidentally leave the magnets at home, grab some cheap souvenir ones at your first port stop.

2. Unpack

This is my best advice to you – and something I do on every single cruise (no matter how long it is). I always unpack my entire suitcase. Most cruise cabins have lots of storage space. Typically, we each get our own closet with shelves and space to hang up the dressier clothes; even the bathroom has shelves for storing toiletries. Our shoes all fit in the closet and we’ll bring collapsible baskets to store sunscreen, lotions and other toiletries. Your suitcases will likely fit under the bed and if not, ask your cabin steward for some advice on where to put them out of the way. By keeping things away and in their place, your cabin stays relaxing and you can enjoy your vacation even more.

3. Order what you want!

Here’s the dilemma: you’re at dinner and you just can’t decide between the Indian Pumpkin soup and the crab cake appetizer. Problem solved with this cruise secret: order both! Many cruisers don’t know that you can order as many different appetizers, entrees and desserts as you want. At any meal. It’s a great way to try new things and indulge on your favorites. I may or may not order two Grand Marnier Soufflés for dessert on my cruises.

4. Room Service

Keeping with the food theme because – let’s be honest – food is one of the best parts of cruising. Room service is another fun secret to discover. Room Service has a stigma of being super expensive; this is completely untrue on cruise lines. Room service is FREE (sometimes) and comes from the same kitchen your amazing dinner did. While it’s free, it’s recommended you tip the delivery person.

5. Spa Secrets

On your first day, most ship spas offer tours where you can check out all the amenities. Some of the newer spas will charge for day passes to use some of the fancier features including thermal suites. But, you can typically use the saunas and steam rooms not located in the thermal suites for free. And you always have free use of the showers. So if you’re sharing a room with several people and don’t want to fight over who gets the next shower, check out the spa. You’ll find fluffier towels and bigger showers that are usually pretty empty. My other favorite spa secret – there’s almost always a discount if you visit the spa on a port day!

What’s your favorite cruise secret we’ve shared with you? What secret would you share with us? We’d love to hear from you!

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