5 Fights Not to Pick with a Cruiser

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We cruisers aren’t like other people.  We know what we like, and we’re passionate about it.  Woe betide the foolhardy soul who dares to speak against our favorite pastime… especially if they do so after having wandered into one of the message boards or Facebook pages created specifically by and for our fellow cruise lovers!

In an effort to avoid verbal fisticuffs breaking out in comments sections around the world (wide web), we think it’s best to avoid picking these particular fights.  And in that spirit, we offer the slightly feisty responses you’re likely to encounter.

1. “Cruising is for old people.”

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I have to admit, my grandma enjoyed the rock climbing wall, zip line, and surfing simulator… not to mention dancing in the club until 2 am.

2. “You can’t do anything on your little ship that I can’t do in a nice hotel.”

Really?  Can you go to sleep in your nice hotel and wake up in a new city tomorrow?  I don’t think so.

3. “Cruises are crazy expensive.”


Go ahead and price a week at Disney or Vegas or traveling around Italy.  I’ll wait.  Oh, don’t forget to figure out how much you’ll spend on food!

4. “Going to the Caribbean is so 2002.”

You get that cruises can basically go anywhere there’s an ocean, right?

5. “Cruises are for losers.”


I’m going to have to hurt you now.

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