5 Tips For Staying Safe in Hotels

IMG_1355 I just received my Hotwire snapshot from this year and so far I’ve stayed 21 nights in hotels for 2013. That reminded me that when traveling we sometimes we let our guard down and think crime doesn’t exist – but it does. The truth is that crime is every where.

The next time you find yourself booking a hotel room you may want to consider the following safety tips:

1. Keep the TV or radio on. It’s a good idea to keep the TV or radio on anytime you leave the room. Doing so will let any bad person that walks by your room think that the room is occupied and to keep walking.

2. Don’t hang maid service sign. Don’t use the hanging maid sign. Housekeeping will open your room regardless. Hanging a “please make room” sign on your door is an open invite for anyone to come in your room and telling them no one is there.

3. Lock Balcony. Whether you’re in a hotel or a cruise ship, always lock the balcony and secure the windows before you leave. Someone with the wrong intentions could easy go from balcony to balcony or sometimes have access to your room with a simple eight-foot ladder.

4. Don’t display valuables. If you’re like me you sometimes need to be out of the room to work or to decompress. You know, like heading into a public area of the hotel or hanging by the pool. Don’t carry your valuables around the hotel where people can see them. You’re a moving target. Use a backpack or a beach bag if you’re going to head by the pool with your laptop or e-reader.

5. Use the main entrance.  Sometimes hotels have entrances around back or on the side that you need a keycard to gain access to open. Those areas are not always secure. Some people can prop the doors open which allows the world access to the inside of your hotel. Instead, use the main entrance anytime entering after hours or late at night.

I didn’t write this to scare you when traveling but to realize that you should always be alert and never let your guard down. Just like you wouldn’t walk around New York City in the dark by yourself, why would you do it in a place that you know nothing about?

Travel smart.

If you have any hotel safety tips feel free to share them below.

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