5 Important Cruise Documents to Travel With

cruise ship sailing A vacation is supposed to be a blast. You board the ship, check all your problems at the gangway and have the time of your life – but reality shouldn’t be disregarded.

Here are five important cruise documents to take with you while on vacation.

1. Passport Page and Photo Copy.

Everyone should take the first page of their passport and make a copy of it – keeping the copy separate from the passport itself. Making a copy of the first page and having a photo will make it easier to get a new passport from the consulate if something should happen.

2. Driver’s License.

Not everyone wants to walk off the ship with their passport, but everyone wants off the ship. Even though you technically don’t need your driver’s license to get off the ship (you can use your passport), it’s a lot lighter and smaller than your passport. Leave your passport locked up in your safe so you don’t lose it. You may want to consider keeping that passport photo copy with you.

3. Bank Paperwork.

Things do happen and you may need to contact your bank if you lose your card or if you think your bankcard may get compromised. In 2012 when I was in Honduras, my bank card got compromised and someone tried to buy an $800 airline ticket to Europe. Luckily the bank caught it – endings aren’t always that pleasant.  Carry your bank phone number and account numbers in a secure place.

4. Emergency Numbers.

Simple enough. Make sure you have all your contacts back home in case something happens. Put them on a business card in your wallet, backpack or whatever you carry around with you. Also, on your phone make sure you have folks labeled where if something happens and a complete stranger needs to pick up your phone they will not have any issues identifying mom, dad, sister, and so on.

5. Travel Insurance Policy.

A travel insurance policy is very important. As I am writing this there’s a tropical storm off our coast and my flight to Dallas has been delayed two hours and possibly longer. I am going to Juneau, Alaska with two down-line connections. Besides flight issues, if you need to be medically evacuated from your ship back home you can expect a bill from $20,000 up to $250,000 dollars, depending on where are you and the distance home. If you don’t purchase a policy, promise me you’ll at least check it out and not totally pass it up.

These are just five tips that come top of mind when it comes to important cruise documents. Remember to think your vacation through — it involves more than just throwing some clothes into a suitcase.

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