5 Must Have Hotel Amenities for Cruisers

IMG_1362 Face it, when you travel hundreds of miles to a cruise port you want to relax and unwind before hitting the ship. Traveling, whether car or plane, is exhausting.

Recently we stayed at the InterContinental New York Times Square, while it was pricey, it catered to everything we need before we boarded Norwegian Breakaway in New York City.

Next time you book your next pre- or post-cruise hotel, make your life easier and look for these hotel amenities.

1. Proximity to cruise port. As long as you’re close to your cruise port you’re fine. What you don’t want is to stay at a place that is going to cost you an arm and a leg to get to the pier or where you’ll be stuck in traffic getting there.

2. Free Wi-fi. I know, you’re heading on vacation so why do you need wi-fi? If you need to print out last minute documents or excursion tickets that you booked on your own.

3. Complimentary breakfast. No one wants to hustle and bustle around a city and try to score breakfast that involves a cab drive and an over priced Miami bistro. Consider getting a room with a complimentary breakfast or a breakfast package bundled in.

4. Hotel shuttle. These are not only good to go to and from the cruise port but also to local areas. Believe it or not, a lot of hotel properties have shuttle drivers that will take you wherever you want to go. Try this little trick. Instead of going to the front desk and telling them you need a shuttle, go directly to the shuttle driver and if you have to go out of the way just give him a couple of dollars and he’ll take you. It works. I’ve done it many of times.

5. Parking package. If you drive to your hotel, make sure you check to see if they offer cruise packages, if they don’t maybe they will let you keep your car there. Just ask to speak with the general manager or sales manager at the hotel.

While these amenities aren’t life-or-death, they will make your travel a lot easier and less stressful. When researching your hotel, make sure you cover all your bases and tailor your accommodations to what you want and where you’ll be. Don’t be afraid to ask for anything either. Hotel management knows what an asset and revenue generator cruise passengers are and they are likely to cater to you if you approach them in a nice way.

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