5 Reasons Cruise Sleep is Better

Almost every aspect of your time on a cruise ship will be different from what you’re used to at home, and sleep is no exception.  There are some cool benefits to slumbering on a cruise ship; here are five reasons cruise sleep is awesome.

1. Dark Room


When you book an interior cabin, when all the lights are turned off for the night it’s pitch black.  This is a wonderful benefit to having an interior cabin for people who don’t want to be able to see their hands in front of their face when they’re ready to go to sleep.  Even porthole cabins are pretty dark when you draw the curtains, so even if you want a view, you’ll still be able to sleep in darkness.

2. Comfy Beds


There are something about a cruise bed that you makes you just sink into it. In fact, some cruise line even sell beds and linens online so you can sleep year-round in a cruise bed.

3. Outside Sleeping

photo credit: flickr/Rob Bixby
photo credit: flickr/Rob Bixby

If taking a cat nap sounds amazing to you at any point during your cruise, you don’t necessarily have to head back to your cabin!  There are usually many places to take a short snooze, so don’t be afraid to look around and find a serene place; whether it be in the sun or shade.  There will often be areas of a cruise ship that go largely unnoticed, so if you head off the beaten path you can often find lounge chairs in a very quiet area.  Some ships even have hammocks, so seek those out as well and you’ll soon be on your way to dreamland.  Your body will thank you for the fresh air!

4. Rocking of the Boat


Though nowadays it’s usually hard to even tell you’re on a ship, sometimes when you go to sleep you can feel a slight rocking.  The higher the deck your cabin is on, the more you’ll feel it.  While this could potentially present a problem if it’s rocking enough to tell during the day when you’re up and around, at night many people are lulled to sleep by the rocking; much like parents that will rock their babies to sleep in a rocking chair.

5. No Alarm

photo credit: flickr/H is for Home
photo credit: flickr/H is for Home
A great thing about being on a cruise is, you’re on vacation!  No need to set the alarm unless you want to.  Often your ship will dock in a port at 8 or 9 am, so you may want to set an alarm to wake up for breakfast so you’re one of the first ones off the ship, but if you don’t have a particular reason to be up for that, enjoy your morning and don’t set the alarm!
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