5 Reasons Pokémon Go Isn’t Cruise Friendly

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week, you know that seemingly half the human race has become obsessed with the Pokémon Go mobile game. And while our friends at Cruise Critic reported that most cruisers probably won’t be able to play the strategy game while at sea, we can’t help thinking that’s probably a good thing. Why do we say that? So glad you asked!

1. It’d be expensive

You know how people always complain about the price of data packages when they’re on a cruise? “How,” they ask, “can I make everyone back home jealous if I can’t tweet, Facebook and Snapchat my adventures?” Now imagine how much you’d have to spend in order to use the Pokémon Go app to search the ship for Pokestops! (For the uninitiated, the game basically casts you as a Pokeman trainer who is using Pokeballs to capture creatures that are running about loose. To be honest, that’s about the extent of our understanding of the game!)

2.  It could be downright dangerous, part 1

Already, there are reports of players being so focused on the devices upon which they’re capturing creatures that they’re walking into trees and other immoveable objects. Now imagine getting so caught up in the game that you plow into people (more than usual) at a crowded buffet. Heck, if one of the escapees suddenly materialized in the middle of the ocean, you might wind up giving whole new meaning to “walking the plank”!

3. It could be downright dangerous, part 2

Even in cruise-related spots where you can play Pokémon Go, such as some port cities, it’s probably best that you don’t. Hunting down your elusive prey could wind up leading you into unchartered waters, so to speak… meaning the proverbial wrong side of the tracks. Authorities here in the states have recently begun issuing warnings that players should remain aware of their surroundings, play in groups or pairs and remain in well-lit areas to ensure their safety.

4. You’ve got better things to do

As fun as tracking down Weedles and Ekans — the Pokémon Go version of Heffalumps and Woozles — might be, we’d rather be chatting with old friends and making new ones at one of the numerous watering holes found on board the ship! Or climbing the rock wall or taking a cooking class or taking part in a trivia challenge or zipping down a waterslide. For that matter, we’d rather be sitting somewhere, looking out at the gorgeous view!

5. Save the escape for when you need it

Why do something on the ship that you can do at home? Just like we’d rather try something exotic off the buffet than have French fries (which is one of our tips designed to help you lose weight on a cruise), we are of the mindset that our iPhone should be locked in the safe for the duration of the trip. Got kids who are obsessed with Pokémon Go (or Minecraft or any other game)? Introduce them to the disconnected pleasures of miniature golf and shuffleboard. We have it on pretty good authority that those creatures will still be on the loose when you get back to shore.

Have you bought into the Pokémon Go craze yet?

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