5 Reasons Cruisers Love Homeporting

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For some cruisers, flying into a distant port; perhaps spending a day or two exploring that city before boarding a ship, is a big part of their vacation. But for many others, homeporting is the only way to go. Why do folks in the latter group prefer sailing from their home towns, even if it might mean fewer ships to choose from? For more reasons than you might suspect! Here are just a few…

1. It’s more convenient.

Obviously, it’s a whole lot easier to simply drive to a nearby port than it is to jump on a plane, fly to a distant city, and deal with all of the hassles – and often expenses — that come with adding a leg to your journey.

2. It’s easier to “drop-and-go.”

Need a quick getaway? Just find out that you have a week’s worth of vacation days you’re going to lose if you don’t take them soon? When there’s a port right outside your door, it’s pretty easy to take a last-minute vacation.

3. You can find great last-minute bargains.

While some lines have cut down on their last-minute offers, there are still plenty of great “fire sales” to be found if you look hard enough. Sites like cruiseplum.com offers info on not only last-minute deals but also supplement-free rates for solo travelers.

4. Being local has its perks.

If you wind up connecting with people online via message boards or groups dedicated to your particular sailing, you can offer them advice on hotels near the port or restaurants to try if they’re flying in early or sticking around for a few days once the cruise is over. Plus, you’re likely to meet other folks from the area during your cruise. If you bond, you’ve suddenly got new friends in the area with whom to hang out!

5. When it’s over, it’s over.

While many of your fellow passengers spend the morning of disembarkation worrying that they won’t get off in time to make their flights, you can relax, enjoying a leisurely breakfast or maybe even a final Bloody Mary. Forget dealing with the hassles that come with going to the airport… you’re already home!

Do you have the luxury of home porting or do you need to fly/drive to your cruise?

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