All-Inclusive Vacations are Back

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IMG_0017 We all want to get the most out of our vacation experience, but sometimes we have to ask ourself, “how cheap should a vacation be to become a value?”

Recently I had the opportunity to explore a couple of all-inclusive resorts and here are my five reasons why someone should consider one:

1. Budgeting. There is nothing sweeter than going on vacation and realizing that you’re trip is all paid for and there’s no out-of-pocket expenses. An all-inclusive vacations really means all-inclusive.

2. No Hidden Costs. One of the perks of booking an all-inclusive vacation is that there is no hidden cost, everything is taken care of up front.

3. Activities. There’s an abundance of activities for you to choose from at an all-inclusive resort, it’s not just laying on the beach. If you want to go fishing, boating, play a game, or just do nothing, you have options to do whatever you want.

4. Dining. This is one of my favorites about an all-inclusive experience. If you want to eat at a different venue every night, you can. Say you want Italian one night, Asian-fusion the next and Mexican, you can — and it’s already paid for!

5. Service. All-inclusive resort offer the personalized service in everything they do. Some properties even have a local tour guide on staff where you could go off property and tour the local area.

Club Med offers a great all-inclusive vacation experience, check out the videos below that highlight:

  • Discover Club Med’s all inclusive Cancun Yucatan resort in Mexico where gourmet dining, beverages ,land & water sports and select children programs are all included!
  • Discover Club Med’s all-inclusive Floridian resort, Sandpiper Bay, Florida

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