5 Reasons to Cruise Off the Grid

Close your eyes and imagine spending an entire week on a cruise ship… without once checking your phone. Not to check messages, not to play games, not to post to Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. Hard to even contemplate, right? But it’s an idea worth considering…here’s why!

1. Easier Time Relaxing

It’s easy to get so caught up in taking pictures of the perfect sunset that you never actually experience it. How often have you heard people say, “Pictures don’t do it justice.” They know, because instead of preserving the memory by snapping pics, they were living the moment.

2. Save Some Money

One of the most popular questions asked by people preparing for a cruise is how much the various internet packages are. And while technological improvements are helping to bring the cost down, the cheapest option is to just avoid buying a package altogether.

3. Don’t Alert Crooks

As much as we love living vicariously through the cruise photos folks post on various social media outlets, it might be better to do that when you return home as opposed to while you are on the ship. After all, you never know who might be watching… and not just so they can double-tap on your Instagram photos.

4. Better Safe than Sorry

We don’t want to imply that y’all are klutzy, but let’s take an unscientific survey: How many of you have dropped your phone in the past six months? Now… imagine dropping it over the side of the ship. Heck, even a sandy beach can wreak havoc on your internet-friendly devices. Ever get sand in the keyboard of your laptop? Trust us… it ain’t fun.

5. Disconnect from Work

We’d all love nothing more than to believe that the office we left behind can’t possibly function without us for a week. But the shocking truth? They probably can. Besides, absence makes the heart grow fonder… so let them realize just how much you do and appreciate you all the more when you come home.

Have you ever done a technology-free cruise? Would you consider trying it?

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