5 Reasons To Love Celebrity’s “Mini-Getaway” Cruises

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We’ll admit to still being bitter about the fact that cruise lines no longer can offer the overnight trips which many referred to as a “cruise to nowhere.” (If you’re wondering why they wound up going the way of the dinosaurs, click here.) But for those unable to get away for a week or more, there’s good news on the horizon from Celebrity Cruises, which is reintroducing 4- and 5-day itineraries to the Caribbean! Why do we love that they’re doing this? Let us count the ways!

1. The Itineraries

The four night cruise hits Nassau and Key West, while the five-nighter visits Cozumel and Key West (and features two sea days!). Both are long enough to give you the sense you actually got away for a while, but short enough that you don’t necessarily have to take a full week off of work.

2. The Timing, Part 1

Although they are taking bookings now, these particular itineraries don’t actually begin until early 2018. Translation: You have plenty of time to pay it off!

3. The Ship

Refurbished earlier this year, the Summit received a rooftop terrace that serves as both an entertainment venue and a sundeck, the Tuscan Grille restaurant offering up both Italian fare and steaks, and more. Plus, given that this 15-year-old ship has served as sort of a testing ground for new ideas and concepts in the past, there’s every chance that there will be even more exciting changes between now and 2018!

4. The Timing, Part 2

What better time to sail to the Caribbean than during the dead of winter… especially if you happen to be a northerner! Right around March, the idea of flying to Florida and then sailing to the islands sounds downright perfect.

5, The Price

Right now, an inside cabin on the 4-nighter can be had for as little as $399 per person, with the 5-nighter running as low as $449 per person.

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