5 Reasons Multigenerational Families Should Cruise Together

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In celebration of Grandparents Day on September 11, the Cruise Lines International Association has come up with five reasons cruises are a great option for multigenerational families looking to travel together.  The demand for family travel is ever-growing, and is responsible for one-third of all leisure vacations.

Here are the top five reasons cruising is a perfect fit for families to vacation together:

1. Amenities for Everyone

If you’ve been cruising, you know that most ships have activities and amenities that will suit absolutely every person in a group traveling together.  Adventure lovers can try a surf simulator, ropes course, or indoor skydiving.  For more relaxing activities, there’s scenic tours of historical landmarks, various bars around the ship, and plenty of loungers for taking a nap in the ocean breeze.  Kids also have programs of their own, with activities like karaoke, cooking lessons, dance contests, and scavenger hunts.

2. Flexible Travel

A cruise offers a low-stress, flexible getaway option for grandparents traveling with their families.  Families can pick a ship best suited for the entire group, and even kids can get involved in the planning process by helping pick a destination or particular excursion for the whole group.

3. Independent Exploring

One unique thing about cruising, is that no matter what each person is doing at any given moment, they’re still all tied together on the same vessel.  Families can do activities together, or break off and do things independently as well.  For example, some can go swim, some can relax, but all come together in the evening for dinner.

4. Best Return on Experience

When you’re on a cruise, you only have to unpack your suitcase once, but visit a number of destinations along the journey.  Cruise vacations allow travelers to combine transportation, lodging, dining, and entertainment all into one simple package – perfect for families looking for a stress-free planning experience.  For large travel groups, consider getting a travel agent – they really help.

5. Sharing the World

Sharing adventures and travel experiences is a perfect bonding experience for families, and a cruise offers them the chance to do that.  Family members of all ages can explore new destinations, taste new foods, and immerse themselves in new cultures, while creating memories that will last forever.

Cindy D’Aoust, president and CEO of CLIA said “Whether your family is looking to spend time together, independently or a combination of both, cruise travel offers guests the chance to connect while seeing the world and partaking in once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Cruising presents unlimited options to ensure that each member of the family gets the vacation they desire.”

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