Top 5 Reasons to Visit Half Moon Cay

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If you’re sailing a Carnival or Holland America itinerary for four nights or longer in the Caribbean, you’ll probably have a stopover in Half Moon Cay, a private island owned by Holland America Line but shared by her sister brands.

Half Moon Cay, located about 90 miles from Nassau, Bahamas, is a tender port. It’s a must-see Bahamian paradise where you can enjoy various activities, be it on water or land.

Interested to know more about this stunning place?

Here are the five reasons why you must visit Half Moon Cay:

1. Blue water


The turquoise water surrounding HMC is unlike any water in the Bahamas. The beaches are fantastic and have plenty to do.

You’re guaranteed to have fun-filled activities at Half Moon Cay.

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2. Island BBQ


You can take a break from the buffets (and Guy’s Burger Joint) for a day and enjoy a beachside BBQ. The covered picnic at Half Moon Cay serves hamburgers, hot dogs, jerked chicken, and all the sides.

You can find a complete list of the BBQ menu here.

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3. Plenty of shade


If you’re scared of the scorching heat of the sun, fret not. There is plenty of shade at Half Moon Cay if you do not want to bake in the Caribbean sun. HMC has a multi-deck pirate ship with shade, covered bars, misting stations, and many trees.

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4. Excursions


There are various things you can do at Half Moon Cay. These include horseback riding, snorkeling, kayaking, nature ecology tours, or renting a cabana are a few options on HMC.

Additionally, Half Moon Cay has beautiful beaches and nature trails suitable for the sun seeker and adventurers. Scattered throughout the island, you’ll see signs that give you information about the island and its history.

nature trails

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5. Efficient tendering


Tendering sucks, depending on what cruise line you’re on. The thing is, you’ll have to wait in line, and it usually wraps up two or three flights of stairs, only for people to come out of the elevator and cut in line on Deck Zero.

Here’s the good news with Carnival: they have two different tendering loading stations (forward and mid-ship), and it’s done by a number system.

Final Thoughts

stay here forever

Visiting Half Moon Cay is indeed an excellent experience. Here, you’ll have access to various amenities and enjoy activities that you and your loved ones will surely love.

I couldn’t ask for more. As the sign says, “I Wish I Could Stay Here Forever” –a description that best describes what I think every time I sail to Half Moon Cay.

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