5 Things Cruisers Should Be Proud Of

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Sometimes, people feel guilty about things that happened on their vacation. Maybe they spent more than they intended. Maybe they overindulged in some other way. Here at Cruise Radio, we’re not big on regrets. After all, you’ve only got one life to live, right? So rather than say, “What happens on a cruise ship stays on a cruise ship,” we’re all about celebrating our high-seas achievements… even if that means having to twist our way of looking at things a little bit.

So why should you be proud of yourself post-cruise?

1. You walked out of the casino with money!


That’s not to say you necessarily won, but rather that you didn’t lose it all. Our philosophy is that you should always take exactly as much money into the casino as you’re comfortable losing. So if we walk in with a hundred bucks and walk out with twenty… woo-hoo! That’s a win!

2. You ate a salad!

Temptation, thy name is buffet! Pretty much everywhere you look, there’s some tasty treat whispering “Eat me!” in your ear. You know you shouldn’t, but then you laugh with a friend and say, “Vacation calories don’t count, right?” and head to Guy’s Burger Joint for a Pig Patty and fries. So good for you, hitting the salad bar at least one day… even if by “salad” we mean “toppings” and the only green thing on your plate was the pickles next to your burger.

3. You didn’t miss the boat.

We suspect the No. 1 reason most people wind up running down the pier in a desperate attempt to get back onboard before the ship sails away — and occasionally fail to make it — can be summed up in two words: Señor Frogs. But whether you’re doing your day-drinking at the wildly popular bar, or on a beach or as part of a microbrewery tour, kudos for managing to pour yourself into a cab and stumble down the pier in time for a pre-dinner cocktail at the atrium bar!

4. You kinda sorta exercised.

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Remember how on the first day of the cruise, you stumbled across the gym and vowed, “I am totally going to hit that at least three times this week!” Or how, when making your way to the buffet, you looked down and noticed the markings indicating there was a jogging path? Yeah, you never actually took advantage of either of those. But that day the elevators kept arriving overly crowded and you opted to take the stairs? Totally counts in our book.

5. You actually managed to relax.

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Photo: Carnival

That sounds silly, right? I mean, it’s a vacation, of course you relaxed. But that’s not always the case, especially given how many things there are to do on a cruise ship. We’ve seen people literally running down a passageway screaming, “If we don’t sit down to dinner within the next 5 minutes, we’ll never make the show!” And on occasion, we may even have been the person running down the hall screaming. So if you managed to curl up somewhere and read a book or nap or just enjoy an afternoon talking to strangers over cocktails, you made the most out of your cruise… and that’s something you can be proud of!

What’s something you did on your last cruise that you can be proud of?

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