5 Things You Shouldn’t Take on Your Cruise

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One of the most asked questions you hear asked by cruisers is, “What should I pack for my trip?” But maybe what people really need to know is what they should leave behind! With that in mind, here’s our suggestions on things you might want to think twice about before bringing them along on your next cruise!

1. A speedo

Sorry, but we’re of the mindset that the only men who should be donning this particular form of skimpy swimwear are those competing in the Summer Olympics. So unless you’re Rio bound, pick something a bit more family-friendly for around the pool!

2. Your kid’s college fund

If you’re going to spend time in the casino, bring exactly as much as you can afford to lose… and assume you’ll walk away having done so. Sure, we all know people who’ve hit it big. But we know a lot more people who’ve wound up being robbed by the one-armed bandits!

3. That bad attitude

Nobody wants to vacation with the guy or gal who is grousing about everything from how long embarkation took, to the weather. You’re on a cruise. So unless you’re airlifted off or the ship’s going down, life is good.

4. Gadgets

No, we don’t expect you to completely disconnect for the week. (Although if you do, kudos… that is a real vacation!) But do your best to spend as little time on your iPad, iPhone, laptop, etc. as possible. In a perfect world, the only technology we’d interact with while at sea is our kindle… and even then, we’d be doing less reading than staring at the ocean!

5. Your family

We’re big believers that everyone should take at least one solo cruise at some point in their lifetime. (We even outlined exactly why we feel that way here.) There is nothing more freeing than getting away from everything and everyone for a few days. Just remember: When you get home, try not to let on just how good a time you had without your loved ones!

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