5 Cruise Packing Hacks

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IMG_1767 When you cruise, there’s a lot you need to remember to pack. Formal clothes, swim clothes, your kid’s clothes, toiletries, sunscreen and… well, you get the idea. Most cruisers tend to remember these items. But, it’s the little things you remember to bring that make the biggest impact.

5 cruise packing hacks:

1. Anti-Bacterial Soap

For your bathroom, most cruise lines provide a small bar soap. They’re okay, but it’s a better idea to bring your own anti-bac soap from home to place in the bathroom during your cruise. Whether you bring an extra from home or pick one up at Target or Bath and Body Works, this item is a small way to protect big against any possible viruses or illnesses. Extra tip here – bring a bottle that can open and close for easier transport.

2. Water Bottle

Nalgene. Thermos. Tervis. You have a lot of options in the water bottle department. Whatever your favorite, don’t leave home without it. I didn’t do this on my first cruise and I had to buy water on every single shore excursion – at sometimes $5 a bottle – and we ended up with close to 20 cups in our room from the lido deck drink fountains. After spending that much on water, I got wise and starting bringing a water bottle with me. I could fill it up for free and take it with me on my shore excursions or to the beach. On sea days, I could also fill it up and carry it around from activity to pool and back. This is actually one of the first items I usually pack for my cruise.

3. Hair Clips

Not actually for your hair – though they’re good for that too. These can be used to clip on curtains – especially in oceanview cabins. Or to hold the shower curtain closed. They’re also handy for clipping your towel to your lounge chair. Don’t be fooled by these clever tools; they’ve got unlimited potential for making your cruise experience better.

4. Extra Camera Supplies

Batteries, SD cards, chargers. Cruise vacations provide memories that last a lifetime. And our cameras capture those memories permanently. So, you wouldn’t want to run out of battery power or memory space at a critical time – say when the monkey jumps on your daughter’s shoulder in Belize and she doesn’t freak out. Bring extra batteries, and an extra SD card or two.  Also don’t forget: if your camera can be charged, plug it in every night.

5. Ziploc Bags

Bring different sizes of these with you. They’re small, foldable, and lightweight. When you need them, they’re big in value. Keep your wallet, cell phone, or camera dry and sand-free. Put wet bathing suits and towels in them to keep your bag dry. Put a sweating water bottle in one. Basically, don’t leave home or the ship without them.

There you have it, 5 little things that will make a big difference on your next cruise. Do you have any must-have little items when you sail? We’d love to hear what you bring on your cruise to make things easier.

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