Top 5 Attractions to Explore in Monte Carlo

The nation of Monte Carlo is on the Mediterranean Sea, sandwiched between France and Italy, and measuring around two square kilometers.

The world’s second smallest country in terms of size, it is fully packed with glitz and glam. Making it highly irresistible to tourists the world over. 

When you want to spend time in the beautiful atmosphere of Monte Carlo, but do so on a budget, there are various free attractions which you can enjoy during your stay.

Getting around this port is simple as distances are not that great. You can walk around and explore the nearby attractions. The public transport system of Monte Carlo is highly efficient with reasonable bus service ranging from €2 to €5 for an entire day pass.

Start early and enjoy exploring the port with its beautiful villas, small squares or souvenir shops. A perfect blend of culture and history.

The Best 5 Things To Do & See in Monte Carlo


The Palais Du Prince is home to the Grimaldi family, the oldest monarchy of the world. The palace is well-built with a sturdy structure, designed as a defensive fortress.

The building was originally built during the 13th century but later transformed into an awe-inspiring palace of its current style of Louis XIV.

During the absence of the royal family, visitors are allowed to wander the State apartments, and the classic car collection of the Rainier family is open all year to visitors.

There is an Italian gallery within the palace, offering a 15th-century fresco, blue room, throne room, and Mazarin room. They have the traditional ritual of changing the guard every day which takes places at 11:55 am at the front gates of the palace.


The neoclassical-style museum was constructed atop a cliff, making it seem taller than the palace. The museum has beautiful aquariums, a games exhibit, and the atmosphere is tranquil and relaxed.

Tortoise Island offers a whimsical insight into the entire marine world. The aquariums display 2,500 specimens with various  maritime displays.

This museum shares a passion for marine life, and how visitors can preserve and protect the oceans. The admission fee for this museum varies depending on the season, ranging between €11- 16.


Monaco is most famous, perhaps, for its’ casino. Even if you don’t typically gamble, this casino is worth a visit.

The casino is a huge draw due to its history, legendary interior, and wide range of table games and slot machines.

The casino is a huge complex offering a wide range of cafes and restaurants including Café de Paris along with a beautiful museum, grounds, and gardens. The building also has a gorgeous opera house, complete with an exotic interior.

You can enjoy visiting the casino between 9 am-10 am till noon or 1 pm. The price range for a 40-minute tour is around €10. However, for players, the casino opens at 2 pm.

Keep in mind the dress code is in force after 2 pm for most of the areas. You’ll need to show ID, and the age limit is 18 years old or older. Entry fees also apply to the beautifully designed gaming rooms.


The gorgeous chapel is dedicated to the patron saint of Monaco named Saint Devote. This beautiful chapel is located within the valley of Gaumates, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Saint Devote is where a small boat carrying the remains of Saint Devote ran aground during the 4th century, right at the entrance of the chapel. Every year a traditional ceremony is performed on January 26th, where a replica of the boat is burnt at nightfall.


Enjoying the fresh breeze and splash of water is the desire of every traveler. If you love to take a dip, then this man-made beach is definitely for you. It is very clean, with imported fine gravel and sand. This beach offers a public side, as well as private areas. In the private areas, you can rent parasols and loungers from the beach club. In the public area, there aren’t rentals available but you can still enjoy the warmth of the sun with a beautiful view of the beach. During the summers, Larvotto can be quite crowded similar to other beaches. But most of the year, it is the perfect spot for individuals who love watching the calming waves of the beach while sipping a perfect cocktail.

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