5 Simple Tips for Great Cruise Photos

Everyone that goes on vacation is looking to bring back memories to share on their Facebook, with co-workers and family, but sometimes getting that perfect shot is a little harder than expected — or is it?

While I am not professionally trained in the art of photography, I have been on dozens of cruises and have fumbled my way though taking a great photo or two. Because of portability, everything I shoot is done with my iPhone  4s.

Here are 5 tips to taking great cruise photos:

  1. Keep the Sun Behind You. To keep from having over exposed photos film make sure the sun is always at your back. If you’re shooting into the sun you’ll notice a lot of glare and you can damage the lens.

    Norwegian Cruise Line's private island.
    Norwegian Cruise Line’s private island.
  2. Keep a Schedule. Some of the best photos are taking outside of the ship during a sunrise or sunset. Pay close attention to when the sun is going to set. It’s listed in your daily program. Nature’s beauty sometimes offers the best shots.

    This is a sunset in Acapulco, Mexico that was timed perfectly.
  3. Be Creative. Don’t be afraid to tilt the camera, take a photo from above or below and just take a lot of pictures. You never know, when you’re back home and going through them all you might see the perfect photo.

    A shot looking down from the top atrium deck aboard Carnival Breeze.
    Be creative in all your shots.
  4. Remember Composition. Make sure the background of your photo isn’t too busy and that it’s balanced. If you’re going to take a photo to show off yourself or the destination, you don’t want some bozo in the background photo bombing your image. Using the grid feature on your camera will also help you balance your photo.

    The airplane is the primary focus in the photo and what your eyes are first drawn to.
    The airplane is the primary focus in the photo and what your eyes are first drawn to.
  5. Know the Ship.  Ships these days have some cool features – besides the plethora of all you can eat food areas – there are also cutting edge shows, water park-like slides and stunning public areas galore – you never know what you’ll shoot. Learn the ship so you know what is where. While your learning the ship look for high-above places to shoot birds-eye view type shots.

    An animal take over on the lido deck aboard Carnival Breeze.
    An animal take over on the lido deck aboard Carnival Breeze.

Remember there are no set rules of photography — or for getting great cruise photos — it’s all about having fun, pointing and shooting whatever you want. After all, it is your vacation.

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