Top 5 Cruise Stories of 2015

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Over the past year we’ve had nearly a million page views to the site and below are the top five stories that you clicked on the most.

#5.  Princess Cruises Reunites “Love Boat” Cast for 50th Anniversary

Princess Cruises reached a milestone that is still years away for a lot of cruise lines, celebrating 50 years of cruising. In true Princess Cruises style, the party was complete with the cast of the Love Boat, including Fred Grandy, Jill Whelan, Gavin MacLeod, and others.  Jack Jones, the singer of the Love Boat theme song, was also on hand.

After the celebration, the ship retraced the original Love Boat voyage to the Mexican Rivera and offered throwback favorites including menu items from the past and onboard celebrations.

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#4. Carnival Cuts Lobster on Short Cruises

Cruisers love their lobster. One of the last cruise lines that offered lobster on shorter sailings finally cut lobster from their menu because of the price increase. If you want lobster on Carnival, you’ll have to buy it from the steakhouse menu in the main dining room, dine at the steakhouse, or take a cruise that’s six nights or longer.

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#3. Norwegian Says No More Removing Tips

Guests sailing Norwegian Cruise Line will now find it harder to remove the daily service charge from their onboard accounts. The company changed their policy in 2015 making it harder for guests to remove their tips. If you want to remove your gratuities, you’ll have to do it when you get home via emailing home office. Currently, Norwegian’s daily service charge is set at $13.50 per person, per day.

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#2. Titanic II Will Sail in 2018

Over 100 years after the sinking and many delays in plans for a new one, it was announced that Titanic II will set sail in 2018. The ship is expected to be a replica of the original Titanic with the exception of enhanced safety measures and a welded hull, not rivets as originally planned. The first voyage will sail from Jiangsu, China, to Dubai.

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#1. Carnival Bans Bottled Water

The story that Carnival Cruise Line banned bottled water over the summer made national news coast to coast.

Bottled beverages are the most common means by which guests attempt to smuggle alcohol on board which necessitates that bottles be individually examined by security personnel. This bogs down the embarkation process and requires security resources dedicated to checking bottled beverages. If you want to purchase bottled water, Carnival is selling 12 packs of water on their website for $2.99 (plus tax). If you wait until you get onboard it’s $4.99 (plus gratuities) per 12 pack.

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