6 Problems Cruisers Have to Deal With

By Sarah Phillips

Some vacation ‘problem’s apply to any vacation – lost luggage, travel delays and more. When it comes to cruising, there are actually some pretty specific ‘problems.’

Here are 6 problems only cruisers face:

1. Decisions

BlueIguana Cantina aboard Carnival Freedom.
BlueIguana Cantina aboard Carnival Freedom.

This is seriously the problem I face the most on the cruise: what to eat? Where to eat? When to eat? I’m always blown away by the number of food options and choices on my cruise ship – and the fact that most options are included with the price of my cruise fare. Do I want the steak or the lobster? The burger and fries or the fish tacos? Vanilla ice cream or chocolate? Sit down breakfast or buffet? Room service or dining room? This is uniquely something I’ve found on cruises – and I love making these tough decisions multiple times a day.

2. Sea Sickness


Sure, if you visit an amusement park or take a long car ride, you can get motion sickness or car sickness, but there’s nothing quite like sea sickness. You can choose to get off the ride or stop the car to take a break. You can’t ask them to stop the boat no matter how badly you feel. I didn’t think sea sick was a ‘real’ thing until my first cruise when I couldn’t figure out why the island of St. Thomas was shaking like Taylor Swift in her new music video. After a long rest and a couple of sea sick pills, I was great for the rest of the trip. There are so many ways to combat this swaying sickness: OTC pills like Bonine and Dramamine, Prescription patches, pressure arm bracelets and natural remedies like ginger.

3. Getting Lost


Most ships don’t sail through the Bermuda Triangle, so you don’t have to worry about really getting lost at sea, but a real ‘problem’ cruisers face is the ability to get lost on their cruise vacation and let the worries of life fade away for a little while. The new “Come Back New” commercials from Princess Cruises are the best example of this: there’s a whole other world out there besides the office and normal life we lead. Take a cruise vacation and get lost at sea. Enjoy your time away, decompress and remember – you’re in the middle of the ocean, so there’s not much you can do to fix the problems of the world from there.

4. Technology  


We’re so connected to our smart phones and devices, that leaving them off or in airplane mode for a week seems foreign. But, in all fairness a signal in the middle of the ocean is a challenge to provide. The ships do provide Wi-Fi and internet service, but for quite the cost. I definitely experienced some sticker shock at internet prices on my first cruise. At technology improves, this is getting cheaper and better, but it’s still a uniquely cruise specific situation. You can always look for the Wi-Fi in port to check in with the world and post your status updates. It is nice to have the option to not use your phone and relax for the week too. Something that’s harder to let go off on land vacations when it is still a more accessible option.

5. The Simple Things


On a cruise ship, you have an amazing crew who take care of your every need: room stewards, bar waiters, dining room waiters, cruise directors and entertainment staff and more. Because you’re so pampered and spoiled, you may forget how to do those things when you get home. Make my bed? Why, the room steward comes in twice a day to do it for me. Dishes? Ha! Cooking, isn’t that why the ship has 10 different restaurants? To me, this is one of the worst cruiser problems. I miss the service so much when I get home. And I hate making my bed.

6. Post Cruise Depression


It’s always depressing to come back to real life after vacation. You’ve planned and looked forward to this vacation for so very long and now, it’s over. Post Cruise Depression, or PCD, is a very real thing and it’s made worse by the feeling of regaining your land legs. If you’ve ever sailed before, you know that feeling where you’re sitting at your desk and all of sudden the screen starts swaying back and forth? You’ve been off the ship for a few days, but it’s really still moving underneath you, right? That’s what makes PCD so special and unique to cruisers.

Have you ever faced any of these problems? What’s your worst cruiser only problem? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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