7 Reasons to Sail Carnival in Europe

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Carnival in Europe Taking a cruise to Europe is a once in a lifetime experience. A trip to Europe is memorable and will always be one of those trips when you say “remember when we were in Europe….”

Carnival is an excellent cruise line to take in Europe, especially with their newest ship to join the fleet, Carnival Vista.

Because the trip is so memorable and the trip isn’t cheap, you should know the benefits of sailing Carnival in Europe before you make the booking.

What are the benefits of sailing Carnival in Europe?

1. Unpack once. The beauty of seeing a handful of ports and just unpacking once speaks for itself. Your hotel is basically traveling with you. No need to carry a suit case around from port to port, well, unless you want to.

2. Home away from home. There’s something to be said about coming back to your ship at night after being in a foreign country all day. It’s nice to return to English speaking guests and staff. There’s a certain at ease when it comes to returning to your cruise ship and knowing everyone is from the same side of the earth.

3. Helpful staff. Lets face it, Europe can be tough to get around. The cruise lines know the ins and outs of the cruise ports your going to. Their responsibility is for safety of the passenger and won’t steer you in the wrong direction. For example, pickpockets in Rome can be bad in certain areas and it’s great that someone on the ship will advise you of that.

Tip: Attend the shore talks about each port of call. They will give you great advice and fill you in on what to expect in the local culture.

4. Food selections. Some of the best food in the world can be found in Europe. Pizza in Naples, wine in Croatia and tapas in Barcelona are all dishes not to miss. Even though the price of the cruise covers your three square meals a day, it’s still nice to have the landside dining options if you wish. With the selection of food options on Carnival ships, it’s impossible to go hungry.

5. Sample the ports. Most cruises don’t overnight in European ports so the port time is limited. However, these ports are a good place to start if you’d like to come back for a future visit and stay a little longer. I’ve taken cruises out of Amsterdam and Venice, I know now that I will go back to both cities and spend more time there than just jumping on the cruise ship.

6. Worry Free Travel. A cruise really is worry free travel. You have a safe place for your children if you want to spend the day in port. If someone in your family has food allergies, the cruise lines are more than catering to your ever need. Camp Carnival kids programs is one of the best at sea, so you’ll always know your kids are in good hands. The ability to purchase ship sponsored shore excursions, flexible dining options, lounging on the lido deck if you wish, state of the art entertainment, the list goes on.

Tip: Although you are on a cruise ship, you shouldn’t let your guard down and forget about common sense. 

7. Family activities. There’s something for everyone on a Carnival sailing, whether you’re a toddler in the kids program or taking a mixology class aboard — you’ll stay busy. Hasbro, The Game Show, Playlist Productions and the family and adult comedians at Punchliner Comedy Club presented by George Lopez have you covered!

Those are just a few reasons to sail Carnival in Europe. A European cruise is a great investment so it’s best to plan as a family or with a significant other. If you have little ones, get them involved and make the planning fun. We’ve all seen the colosseum in Rome in a text book, but standing there at the foot of it is the real deal!

For tips and tricks on booking a European family vacation, check out the Family Travel Network.

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