6 Reasons to Take a Solo Cruise

There are three different types of travelers in this world: folks who’ve taken a solo trip or solo cruise, those who’ve never done it and can’t imagine why anyone would, and those who’ve never done it but have been envious of those who have, thinking, “Geez, I’d kill to ditch my family for a week!” For those who don’t get the appeal – or are perhaps even intimidated by the idea – let us tell you why traveling solo is one of our favorite things to do!

1. It’s the ultimate getaway.

For most cruisers, taking a vacation aboard a cruise ship is a chance to experience a different kind of socialization and see various destinations. It’s also a way to de-stress yourself from work. On the ship, you can have scrumptious dinner at the main dining room, read a book or two at coffee lounges, take a dance class, lie in your single stateroom’s full-sized bed, or watch the world go by on your infinite veranda or balcony. Everything offers you a one-of-a-kind adventure!

2. Everything is at your own pace.

Whether traveling with your travel companion, best friend, or your wife and kids, taking a trip with other people means having to compromise. But when traveling solo, you have the flexibility and can do things at your own pace without worrying about other people. It’s all about you, which isn’t something we often get in life!

3. Nobody knows you.

There’s something incredibly freeing about being on a ship with fellow passengers who don’t know you. You won’t have to worry about what you dress or how you speak. Plus, you won’t be judged even if you engage in different activities. Or, if you want to be a different person and introduce yourself as Adam for a week, then do so. Don’t just do what you want… be who you want!

4. You can get a great deal.

Every solo cruiser dislikes the “single supplement,” which, in essence, requires them to pay double occupancy rates. But by doing advanced research, you can find cruise lines that offer a variety of itineraries with no supplement or a reduced one. In fact, many ships now are taking solo travelers into consideration by creating rooms designed for them, such as the solo cabins on Norwegian’s Breakaway and Breakaway Plus class vessels and Norwegian Epic’s studio staterooms.

5. It’s easy to meet people.

Should you want to travel solo but not spend the entire week alone, fret not — that won’t be an issue. Long before boarding, you can get to know other people who will be on your sailing via message boards and Facebook groups dedicated to your particular sailing. And once you set sail, most ships arrange times and places for solo travelers to get together, whether to find someone to have dinner with or just to socialize.

6. It will open up your world.

They say that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step, and believe it or not, that applies to taking your first solo cruise. For many, it’s a terrifying notion — to be far outside their comfort zone. Yet for most, once you debark from one, you will never be the same because there’s something wildly empowering about taking yourself on an adventure. It opens your mind to the possibility of doing other things you weren’t interested in before. Once you take your first solo cruise, chances are others will follow!

Would you ever take a solo cruise?

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