5 Things Not to Bring to Europe

582589_10151022243640513_1376904546_nWe covered some things you definitely want to take with you when you’re packing for Europe. Now let’s cover the other side of the issue. There are definitely 5 things you’ll want to leave at home while you’re off seeing the sights in Europe.

1. Leave the Bling.

Leave all the expensive and valuable jewelry at home. There’s no need to risk looking like an easy target or losing something valuable or irreplaceable. Instead, choose costume jewelry that accents your outfit without costing two month’s salary. If you’re insistent on bringing your bling with you, keep in the cabin or hotel safe at all times and definitely carry it on – don’t check it.

2. Your Entire Beauty Routine.

I’m talking to both guys and girls here. First of all, you’re on vacation. You don’t need lotion or perfume in 6 different scents, multiple hair products, well, you’re getting the idea. Keep it small, simple and manageable. This gives you a break from the daily routine and won’t break your back when you’re lugging it around. Think sample and travel sizes only! And keep in mind, you can buy things like toothpaste in Europe. They do brush their teeth too.

3. Your Entire Closet.

Europe’s not very forgiving for over packing; it wasn’t designed with modern wheeled suitcases in mind. Pack smartly. Pick one main color – black or brown – and plan your clothes around that. Use your key pieces that can be worn with multiple outfits. And then leave the rest at home! You won’t need it and you’ll just end up lugging it around cursing the extra weight in your suitcase.

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4. Books.

As a book worm, this one pains me a little, but I’ve learned my lesson. Even as a voracious reader, I’ve never read more than one book on vacation. But I still bring 3 books with me and those suckers are heavy. Kindles, Nooks and iPads make this one a little easier now, but if you’re still in love with the physical book, just bring one. This also applies to guidebooks. Don’t bring one for every country. Find an all-in-one guidebook or tear out the pages of the different guidebooks you used to plan your trip.

5. Shoes.

This is another hard lesson learned. I don’t need a pair of shoes for every single outfit and neither do you. Be smart about your shoes. Bring that super comfy pair for all your walking. Definitely one nice pair for evenings. And I always bring a trusty pair of flip flops. Here’s another reason you don’t need a million pairs of shoes – you won’t even see them in most of your photos.

What have you learned in your travels to Europe? What advice do you have for packing light and packing appropriately? Do you have a list of things not to bring to Europe? We’d love to hear.

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