6 Totally Valid Cruiser Complaints

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When you see someone saying their vacation was ruined by bad weather – and then blaming the cruise line – it’s easy to roll your eyes. But sometimes, we see people complaining about things on message boards and nod our heads in agreement. What are things people often rightly complain about? Read out, and then hit the comments to tell us if you agree… or if you have pet peeves of your own!

1. Pool size

Ships are getting bigger and bigger, welcoming more passengers on each sailing than ever. Yet pools aren’t expanding at a comparable rate. Many cruisers would rather see more space devoted to the pool area than some of the other features found on modern ships.

2. Chair Hogs

This one comes up more than just about any other. And while it is a valid complaint, there’s also little chance of the situation changing. Short of assigning crew members to track each and every chair’s usage – a daunting at best policy – no one has yet come up with a workable solution.

3. Shrinking Balconies

We splurge on a balcony room so that we can be close to the water. But if our knees are pressing up against the glass when we sit on the balcony? That’s definitely closer than we were looking to get.

4. WiFi Costs

While we’re big on going off the grid during your vacation, the fact is, it’s 2016… It’s time for every cruise line to figure out how to offer free, continuous access to the Internet for their passengers.

5. The Single Supplement

Many solo travelers understand having to pay more for a room. After all, hotels don’t give discount rates to solo travelers. But a single occupant having to pay a full double-occupancy fare when the amount reflects not only room cost but expenses such as food, which they aren’t likely to eat twice as much of, rubs most the wrong way. (Fortunately, many lines are now offering specially designed studio rooms to help combat this issue.)

6. Last-Minute Cancellations

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out that your much-anticipated cruise has been cancelled, whether because a dry dock ran longer than expected or, as happens more than you might thing, because a ship has been fully chartered by an organization. Generally speaking, cruise lines try hard to compensate bumped passengers when these situations arise, but if your honeymoon or family reunion cruise winds up falling victim to a charter, there’s not much anyone will be able to do to make you happy!

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