7 Types of People You’ll Find in the Airport

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A delayed flight will really show someone’s true colors. Currently, I am sitting in the Dallas Fort Worth airport on my way back to Jacksonville, and our flight is 30-minutes late. You would think that the flight was canceled and people will never be leaving DFW again, ever. I feel like I’m in some weird movie.

Airports are filled with personalities, and here are just a few you’ll find around the terminal:


1. Loud Talker. The guy who wants everyone to know that they are on a phone conference or that they are trying to sell a pre-fabricated building to an office manager in some flyover state. Medical information, divorce, or just life, this person lets it all out there.


2. Unprepared.  This person will be the first to stand in line but the last to have their ticket ready. You’ll typically see this person in the TSA line or when it comes to boarding your flight. They think it’s no big deal to hold up fifty people trying to get through security checkpoint to catch a flight.


3. Short fused. The person who just found out their flight was delayed 30-minutes or that Starbucks gave them a regular latte instead of a skinny latte. This person isn’t happy until they make every turn of their travel experience a catastrophe and will let everyone know it.


4. Entitled. The traveler who thinks the world’s busiest airport was built just for them. This person finds no problem taking up three chairs in the terminal area, using multiple outlets or walking against the flow of traffic. This person will also board the plane with their oversized luggage and try to squeeze it in an overhead bin, knowing good well it won’t fit. The airport was built for them.


5. Frazzled. This person is either a first time traveler or clearly lacks any respect for other travelers. You’ll find this person running down the terminal with their heels off, papers flying everywhere and wanting to cut everyone in line because they couldn’t manage to get to the airport in time.

434689237_662b257b33_z 6. Overachiever. The airplane hasn’t left Atlanta yet, but this passenger is ready to be the first on board. This passenger can’t wait to be squeezed in a tiny seat with no legroom and to strap on their seatbelt for hours on the plane.

4210637037_dbd9bf5579_o  7. Carefree. This traveler rolls with the punches. They are the first person in line when it comes to being bumped to another flight, spending the night in another city and happily take to compensation for an overbooked flight. This person is usually the last to board the plane.

What traveler are you?

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